Point of Fitness

Our Location:

370 Pound Lane, Duncansville, PA

Phone: 814-317-5059

Email: nestep@pointoffitness.com

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Point of Fitness is health-based fitness center that creates a personalized environment for you to pursue and meet your fitness goals. PoF is unique in the instructors strive to provide quality fitness in a welcoming and engaging atmosphere, much different from the conventional large healt club. PoF offers a multitude of options and experiences to include group exercise classes, weight training, indoor cycling, yoga, bootcamp and Bushido Jujitsu Academy.   



Points to Remember....

Click HERE for the Point of Fitness ADVANTAGE! 

  • Please arrive about 10 minutes before your class begins, if you are new to Point of Fitness 
  • If you are new to a class, please feel free to introduce yourself to the instructor
  • You can guarantee an indoor cycling spot by signing up at Point of Fitness (up to one week) in advance.  Please review the policy when you sign up.
  • We are here to help you have fun and get fit... please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience more beneficial!             

Please try our new MindBody connect app by clicking the link below.

You will find directions for downloading here as well!!! 

Get Fit at Point of Fitness!!


A few things Point of Fitness has coming up for the holiday season!!


First and foremost, Bushido Jujitsu Academy will be at a discount price for the holidays. $65 for a month membership - 10% off for LE/Fire/EMS and Vets and Active Duty. 



Book it on our APP "Mind Body Connect" or call for a spot!  Space is limited!  


Sweat and Shake for Cans and Goods on December 12th. A line-up of your favorite PoF classes all morning long and admission is three cans and a box of goods. All cans and box goods will be donated to a local food drive. The line-up of classes will be posted soon. Keep your eyes open! If you haven't tried POF yet this will be a great chance to try us out and donate to your community.

Breakfast with Santa on December 20th from 9:00am-12:00. (potty trained and up). Drop the kids off and go do your last minute shopping - or schedule a massage with Ashley Merritts!! We will do a short workout with the kids, a Christmas craft and breakfast with Santa. Breakfast by Allegheny Creamery and Crepes. Cost is $25 per kid ($10 for additional siblings). 

Pay it forward!!! We will be trimming the tree at POF soon! If you are able to donate a month membership to someone in need you can buy an angel off the POF tree for $65. We all fall on hard financial times and staying fit and active during the holiday season is the perfect cure to winter time blues and fighting depression and getting life back on track. Watch for the POF tree and the be an angel to someone this season. 


We look forward to seeing you at PoF!!



Group Exercise (GE) and Weight Training (WT) Membership Only: $65  Jujitsu (JJ) Only: $65 All Inclusive: $85

Discount for 2nd Family Member: GE/WT Only: $95  JJ Only: $95 All Inclusive:  $135

Discount for 3rd Family Member: GE/WT Only: $135  JJ Only: $135  All Inclusive: $200

Discount for four or more Family Members: GE/WT Only: $165  JJ Only: $165 All Inclusive: $235 

*Six Month Auto Draft Discount: 5 percent off*
**One Year Auto Draft Discount: 10 percent off**
***LE/EMS/Fire and Military Discount: 10 percent off***

Six Month and Year Memberships are paid monthly via Auto Draft Payments 


 Sign-up policy:


In order to be fair to instructors and all participants... If you choose to sign up for a bike for indoor cycling  and do not show up or give at least 4 hours notice, you will be charged $8 (individual class fee).

Don't become one of the 50% who join a regular health club only to drop out within 3-6 months.  Instead, check out a few reasons that it pays to become a regular with us....


1.  Why settle for a virtual instructor and a repeated routine on a DVD when you can get the real deal? The group classes offered here have 3-D instructors who praise you and encourage you to push yourself!

2.  For just a few bucks more than the cost of a meal or two out ($40 for a couple, on average), you can cover your monthly cost and use the hour you would have spent adding calories to instead get yourself started!

3.  Remember the stair-climber you bought that took up half your bedroom and eventually became a clothes hanger?  Reclaim your space and play the field by trying out a new class each week!


**Weight Lifting Class is a 4 week progression course.   Non-members are required to pay in advance ($8 a class, or punch card)**



Point of Fitness opens at least twenty minutes before each class and gladly by appointment.

Click HERE for more pricing information

Click HERE for printable coupons!