Point of Fitness

Our Location:

370 Pound Lane, Duncansville, PA

Phone: 814-317-5059

Email: kara@pointoffitness.com

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Point of Fitness is a health and class-based fitness center that creates a personalized environment for you to pursue and meet your fitness goals. We are unique because we strive to provide quality fitness in a welcoming and engaging atmosphere, much different from the conventional large club set-up. Point of fitness offers a multitude of options and experiences with group classes covering the spectrum from high energy cardio to low impact strengthening, and much more! Feel free to linger in our comfortable lounge area after your workout. 






Points to Remember....

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  • Please arrive about 10 minutes before your class begins, if you are new to Point of Fitness 
  • If you are new to a class, please feel free to introduce yourself to the instructor
  • If attending Zumba, please bring a change of shoes to wear during class
  • You can guarantee an indoor cycling spot by signing up at Point of Fitness (up to one week) in advance.  Please review the policy when you sign up.
  • We are here to help you have fun and get fit... please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience more beneficial!              

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Get Fit at Point of Fitness!!

*Jayme's 5:45pm Indoor Cycling class on Tuesday 8/19 is canceled*

We are proud to announce: The Pauline Baker Rodgers School of Dance will be holding classes beginning in September!


PBR Dance prides itself on providing the best of both worlds –a strong dance program that has built its reputation since Miss Pauline started teaching for Ruth Barnes in 1960, along with integrity, manners, artistic ability, and self-esteem that Miss Pauline fosters in each of her students. It is her philosophy that this combination provides the best preparation for the dancer to succeed on or off the stage. We believe that becoming a dancer is not just a matter of learning dance techniques but requires the kind of personal growth that this dance school can provide.

Call (814) 943-1339 or visit www.PBRDANCE.com for more information!

*NEW CLASS in August: Tai Chi will be offered on Tuesdays @ 10 am-11:00! You can pay $50 for 6 weeks or $10 for individual classes. 

Tai Chi is a gentle expression of training the mind and body to become relaxed, focused, and quiet. Benefits those who have stress related illnesses, pain management, balance, memory/concentration. Call today for more info or to sign up!


**Package SPECIALS!

   (Monthly Memberships include all classes on the regular schedule.  Excludes 6 week pre-registered sessions.  Memberships are not transferrable or redeemable)

             * 6 Month Membership

                    $330... $55.00 per month

             * 3 Month Membeship

                    $180... $60.00 per month

             * Punch Card

                    Buy 2 Punch Cards for $60 each (Regular Price $65)

**August SPECIALS!

             * 1 Month Membership


             * Zumba, Hooping, and Piloxing Drop-In


Don't become one of the 50% who join a regular health club only to drop out within 3-6 months.  Instead, check out a few reasons that it pays to become a regular with us....


1.  Why settle for a virtual instructor and a repeated routine on a DVD when you can get the real deal? The group classes offered here have 3-D instructors who praise you and encourage you to push yourself!

2.  For just a few bucks more than the cost of a meal or two out ($40 for a couple, on average), you can cover your monthly cost and use the hour you would have spent adding calories to instead get yourself started!

3.  Remember the stair-climber you bought that took up half your bedroom and eventually became a clothes hanger?  Reclaim your space and play the field by trying out a new class each week!




Point of Fitness opens at least twenty minutes before each class and gladly by appointment.

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